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Get to Know Us

Leanne Smock's journey from a dedicated nanny with ten years of experience to a visionary in the Park City community is supported by a passionate team that shares her values and aspirations. This team, united under Leanne's leadership, is deeply committed to enriching the lives of local families by providing exceptional early childhood education. Together, they bring a shared vision to life, one that emphasizes creativity, sustainability, and a profound connection to our beautiful mountain environment. Each member of the team brings unique strengths and insights, but all are driven by the common goal of fostering an educational space where young minds can flourish. Inspired by Leanne’s dedication to impacting more families, the team works collaboratively to instill these core values in the children, nurturing a generation that is environmentally conscious, creatively inspired, and deeply rooted in the community. This collective effort ensures that the impact of Leanne’s vision is amplified, reaching more families and shaping the future of our community in meaningful ways.

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