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Young Family

Dolly Parton’s Imangination Library

The Early Childhood Alliance and Dolly Parton have created a wonderful, free book gifting program for children under five in Summit County. This initiative delivers monthly, developmentally appropriate books to young readers, promoting literacy and preparing them for future academic success. Ideal for parents at our center looking to foster a love of reading early on, the program offers an enriching experience with no cost involved. Spread the word and help nurture a lifetime of reading.


    Potty training

    The article provides a step-by-step approach to potty training, emphasizing the importance of waiting for signs of readiness in your child before beginning. It suggests employing a consistent routine, positive reinforcement, and engaging potty training aids tailored to the child's interest. Stressing patience, the article reassures parents that setbacks are normal and highlights the unique pace at which each child achieves potty training success.

      Bathroom Tiles


       Our favorite brain-building tool for parents and professionals

      Vroom Tips™ are fun activities, backed by science, that turn everyday moments into Brain Building Moments™.

        Learning to Read
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